Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dental Crowns Dentist

Natural-Looking Crowns Made in One AppointmentCEREC One Day Dental Crowns Sioux City IA
If you have ever had a crown placed over a tooth, you may dread the entire process, with two or more trips to the dentist and waiting for two weeks with a temporary placed in your mouth.

You will be very pleased to know all that has changed. Dr. Kava can provide a perfectly fitting crown in just over an hour. With CEREC™ technology, we can design and mill a permanent crown in just minutes. No longer are impressions or temporaries needed. The crowns created by CEREC are very durable, functional, and natural looking.

The quick and easy procedure starts with a reflective powder applied to the tooth. A specially designed camera takes a very accurate picture of the tooth, which is displayed on our computer screen. Dr. Kava designs the restoration from the image, and CEREC accurately creates the crown. It is then bonded to the tooth – and that is the whole procedure! 

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