Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Children's Dental Sealants

Maintaining Children’s Healthy Teeth – The Easy Way!
Even the most careful brushing can sometimes miss hard-to-reach places, such as the grooves in the back teeth. This will allow acids and bacteria to build up, plaque to form, and decay to begin. Permanent damage to a tooth requires a restoration. But for children, there is an added layer of protection that can help to prevent cavities. One application of a thin coat of dental sealant will do the trick!

Here’s the easy procedure:
All the teeth are sterilized. The dentist then applies a thin layer of the sealant to the tooth surfaces. He uses a curing light to adhere the sealant to the teeth. That’s the entire procedure that requires no shots or drilling. All the teeth remain intact, and this simple and quick procedure will help children and adolescents keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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