Monday, 8 June 2015

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Your Children’s Dentist is a Part of Their Good Health
Your teeth and gums are part of your body, and good dental health plays an important role in staying healthy overall. Children’s teeth are more vulnerable to cavities during their formative years, so we teach them how to brush and floss properly and encourage them to continue with good daily dental hygiene. We also ask parents to make sure they do so each day, so these habits build a lifetime of good teeth and better health.
Children tend to eat throughout the day, which exposes their teeth to acid more frequently. Every time food is eaten, acids are produced in the mouth to start the digestive process. However, if teeth are not cleaned properly, cavities will start. The more frequent contact with acids will increase the number and rate at which cavities develop.

This is why good daily dental hygiene is important. We also encourage better, more nutritional food choices to lessen the chances of cavities developing. One very important treatment for children and adolescents is the application of a mineralizing sealant, which will give added protection against the onset of cavities.

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